Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a new year

Even though we are a week into the new year, I still would like to extend the blessings of happiness, great health and prosperity to all. This is going to be an exciting year.

I've been really slack posting the last couple of weeks. My daughter, who is 4 weeks away from having our first grandchild, was here over Christmas so no posting for me. My niece and a friend of my daughter's had a lovely shower for her last Sunday. Hard to get all those goodies, luggage and the dog back into the car for her drive home!
I must admit to not having started a quilt for baby Evelyn. The plan is for later this week. I have fabric, a pattern, just lack time. But then, we seem to make time for what is really important, don't we? She's not going without blankies, great grandma crocheted 2 beautiful afghans for her.

So, in my quilting world this week, I am doing the final editing of the BOM patterns for Blank (the quilt pictures posted a few weeks back) and getting some quilting finished for others. It's that quilting that usually makes the college tuition payments, etc.!
After that I'm beginning work on a couple of new patterns that will use my Quilted Jewels templates. I'm doing a pine tree quilt that will have many sizes from small wall hanging to bed size quilt. I may even include a Christmas tree skirt in with this one. I'm excited about the possibilities! Hoffman Fabrics was kind enough to supply a fabulous assortment of green batiks for the trees. Another pattern will be a casserole carrier (or Hot Dish carrier, as we say in Minnesota). You can all keep me on task by frequently emailing me and asking if they are done!

Below is a link to a humorous song about Minnesota winter. I can relate!

Happy quilting!