Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

Time for a quilt picture to hopefully brighten your day. 'In Bloom' is a quilt I designed for Timeless Treasures for the fall market in Houston, TX. I think the fabric is gorgeous. Timeless hung this quilt in one of there 'windows' at quilt market (I'll post pictures after the spring market in May that will show more of what I do for them and Blank quilting fabrics).

I love the challenge of finding ways to use border stripes without driving quilters crazy with wasting fabric, trying to do too much matching, etc. I think this is one of the best designs I've done. If you like this quilt, kits are available from Quilt Cove (web link to the right) and Keepsake Quilting. I'm always thrilled to have a quilt in Keepsake, it's almost like being in a magazine! I'm making another one just like it right now for a shop sample for Quilt Cove.

When I design a pattern for the fabric companies, they retain the rights to it for a year, I'm then free to use it as I wish. I think this will become a pattern in my line. It uses a 34" square of fabric for the center and as long as the fabric isn't directional, it will showcase one of those pieces you just don't want to cut. The quilt is 77" square overall and I think that when it's time to add it to my pattern line I will add an option of blocks at either end that will make it fit a bed. Untill then, I'll be searching for another floral line to use that will be more current at the release of the pattern. Quilts like this look great laying on a bed 'on point' over a plain bedspread.

If you ever have questions about the design process, etc. please feel free to contact me!

Happy quilting!