Thursday, November 11, 2010


Wow! Thank you all that took time to visit my blog and share comments! As I commented yesterday, quilter's are the best. I truly appreciate your encouraging words.

I'm off to a quilt retreat this weekend so I need to pack my projects. I always take way too many but it's good to have variety, isn't it? Something may not be coming out as planned or maybe I've grown tired of a project, need to be able to switch to another project. I guess running to a quilt shop to get a new one would be fun but Heaven knows I have plenty already.

So how many projects do you all take to a retreat? 1, 2, 15? I think I'm taking at least six. A couple are UFOs, the rest have yet to be started. One that I WILL GET DONE this weekend is a quilt from my black and white Doo Dads line and the pink and green Twinkle (see it on my web site). I'm using the quilted Jewel template set. I stated this particular project the afternoon before heading to quilt market. It was going to be a throw size quilt but the later it got in the evening the smaller the sample became, It's about the size of a bathroom rug. I'll be separating the rows of blocks and adding until it's a decent size. Picture to come, maybe Monday.

Have a great weekend, get lots done and may your points be pointy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabric and fun

It's my blog tour day as part of the 100 blocks magazine.

First thing I want to do is thank all of the staff involved in the making of the magazine. What a nice group! They kept us well informed and put together another wonderful issue. I know I'll be using both volumes for reference for a long time!

Next, I now have my line of fabric available for sale on my web page. It's the black and white Doo Dads collection. Next is a few colors of Splash followed by the Twinkle group designed by Yolonda Fundora. I added the bright colors because the go so well with B&W. They really add POP to your quilts. All are made by Blank Quilting fabrics.

If you like the B&Ws check out the Square Dancing pattern in my pattern section. It would look great with the Doo Dads and Twinkle. Look for the fabric and pattern tabs on my home page.

Have a quilty day and may all your points be pointy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

100 blocks blog tour

It's here! The blog tour for the 100 blocks by 100 designers! My day is Wednesday the 10th. Since I'm so new to the blogoshere I'm not sure what I will be adding but there are lots of other great designers with wonderful blocks to share.