Friday, November 19, 2010

the incident

Here's another new quilt design. This is a BOM that I designed for Blank Quilting Fabrics. It will be available in January. I'm sorry I don't have access to a list of shops that carry it but as I find out a few, I'll post links to them.

There is also a version with a green background and the colors are a little bit more on the Autumn side. It's a 9 month BOM and it's big, 86 x 104-ish. The fabric is the Splash line from Blank which is their basic line. The colors are great, some blend a couple of colors, some are more solid. I'm shipping the green quilt off to Blank today and I'll post a picture after I get the really good photo back from the photograher. He does a fabulous job.

You'll notice the green/yellow block in the lower right corner. I have affectionately named that one the John Deere block.

I'm writing the pattern for the BOM today and I'm thinking of digging into my batik stash to make more blocks as I write. I think I'll do rusts, golds, purples, oranges, etc. I have enough of one fabric for the light center, I think. It's a dark cream and it shouldn't be too hard to find coordinates later on.

So, about the incident mentioned above. I was binding a quilt the other day and managed to sew into my index finger. Right through the nail. Ugh. Thank goodness for Vicodin, hehehe. It's still slightly tender but fortunately it was my left hand (I'm a righty) so I was able to finish the binding after the throbbing subsided. Learn from my mistakes; watch your fingers!
Happy quilting everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The retreat

Good Morning!

I got home from the quilt retreat late afternoon yesterday and what a great time we had! Now to recover. Sleeping is always optional at a quilt retreat and I need to make up for staying up very late sewing. I think most of us gauge our bedtime by the frequency of mistakes.

I did get quite a bit accomplished. The quilt pictured is the one I mentioned last week that I needed to enlarge. I didn't need to take too much apart to redo it. And even though it's not as big as I had originally planned, it's large enough to get a good color sense. It's my Doo dads fabric and the pink and green Twinkle. I used one block from the Bling! pattern.

I also made a quilt top for my son's bed (time to replace that ratty one he's been using that now belongs to Daisy the dog) and a Minkee/chenille/flannel baby quilt top for the shop I work at I finished all of the blocks (another version of Bling!) done for a twin size quilt in '30's fabrics. I would have completed the top but the yellow fabric I had for setting the blocks was a rather poor quality and I decided not to use it. Hmm, must go shopping.

While at the retreat, which was in Amery, WI, there was quite a snow storm. We only got about 3" in Amery but there was about 8" in Inver Grove Hts, where I live. Heavy, wet stuff that I did not have to shovel, whew! We were hoping to get snowed in at the retreat center but no such luck. I had enough projects for a week of sewing.

I'm done retreating until next spring so I need to put everything away and try to organize a bit.
Happy Monday everyone!