Friday, March 4, 2011

New pattern

Just a note to let you all know the Quilted Jewel tote bag pattern is now up on the web site. Click on patterns at the top of the page. The Quilted Jewel patterns are on the right side, just scroll down.

I'm headed off to a quilt retreat on Sunday and it goes to Wednesday. This is at the Lake Wappogasset Bible camp in Amery, WI. Camp Wapo is a Lutheran Bible camp set between 2 lakes, just wonderful! Great views and a huge sewing area (or scrap booking, or....). They have, of course, many Bible camps but they also rent out the facilities to other groups. My local guild has had 8 retreats there over the years and I'm going to one put on by the camp itself. Nice group of ladies and all so welcoming! I didn't know any of them before I went last spring. They must have liked me, asked me to come back for the fall retreat. Quilters are the best.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot while there, mainly the piecing and design of the new pine tree quilt using the template set. I always have lots of packing before a retreat. Don't we always need to take at least 1/2 the sewing room? Oh, and way more projects than we can possibly get done. Since it's during the workweek, I need to take the lap top (thank goodness for wifi) and cell phone. On the up-side, no cooking or laundry!

So, tell me, when you go on a quilt retreat what are your 'must haves'? I take my chair and a lamp (maybe 2 this time). I go overboard on taking thread. I just have to have the right color! I also have it to share for others that aren't threadaholics like me.
Happy quilting!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just news

HI everyone! I hope this day finds you all well and quilting up a storm! Hmmm, maybe a bad choice of words considering our weather of late.

I'm currently working on some new fabrics designs for Blank quilting fabrics. They will be another line of black and whites and hopefully I can post some ideas soon. In the meantime, if you haven't done this, you can go to Blank's web-site (on the right is a link) and sign up for the Eye for Design. When they have a new grouping, they'll send you an email of the potential fabrics and you can help choose what goes to print! Lots of fun!

I'm also working on 2 new patterns using the Quilted Jewel templates. One will be pine trees, including a bed quilt, a couple of wall hangings and a another Christmas tree skirt. The other pattern will be a casserole carrier. Both should be available in May. I'll be introducing them at the Spring quilt market. I'll post a picture of the Pine tree block soon!

My daughter, son-in-law and baby Evelyn have been here over the weekend. Tough to get any work done with the little bundle of cuteness here!