Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Even if you're not a mom, you probably nurture someone in some way so that counts in my book.

Baby Evelyn was helping me quilt one day a couple of weeks ago. At 14 weeks her little arms aren't quite coordinated enough to grab things and they're too short to touch what shouldn't be touched. However, we won't be quilting together much like this, I loose a bit of coordination holding her and the quilt.

Quilt market is this week. So after church this morning and a stop at the local fabric store for a couple of supplies I'll be back at the machine. I'm almost ready for market. Just one big quilt to quilt (minimal quilting on this one) finish a table skirt and a pair of baby overalls. I'm hoping to do one more quilt for my newest pattern but we'll see how that goes. There is still patterns to print and stuff and quilts to pack and all the little things to do before a trip out of town, like a pedicure which is needed after this long winter

Have a blessed Sunday and happy quilting!