Monday, April 9, 2012

McCall's Quick quilts

HI everyone!

A couple of markets ago, I was in the McCall's quilting magazines booth and one of the ladies there said to another, " oh, you need to meet Sandi, she's one of our designers." I felt like I had 'arrived'. One of THEIR designers, it was cool.

Well, I do have a quilt coming out in the next issue of McCall's Quick Quilts which ships out on the 17th of this month. This is special because it uses my line of fabric. They have named the quilt 'Split Decision', it's a perfect fit. I'll have kits for it my web site if you are interested. It's black and white with touches of green.

After that, I will have a block in the 100 Blocks by 100 Designers magazine which is put out by Quiltmaker magazine, this is also part of the McCall's group. They will be doing a blog tour of all the designers (that wish to) and the designers will be selecting reader that will get a free magazine. The only hitch is that you have to comment on the post. Easy enough.

Also, McCall's asked me to post the following note and link about a contest that looks exciting! Time is short but you never know, some of you may work better under pressure! I can't enter, bummer.

The McCall's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 contest has officially launched and is currently in the qualifying round phase, which continues through April 29, 2012. This year for the first time, the contest has 2 separate tracks for Amateur and Professional Quilt Designers. Don’t let the term Professional scare you…for the purposes of this contest, a pro is anyone who has ever received monetary compensation for an original quilt design. For example, if you’ve made money by self-publishing a pattern, making a quilt for a fabric company, or teaching a class based on your quilt design at a local shop, you’re a pro! Grand prizes this year include a sewing machine (a Pfaff quilt expression™ 4.0 with toolbox in the professional group and a Viking Sapphire™ 875 Quilt in the amateur group) and $500 cash to the winner of each group. Winning quilts will also be featured in McCall’s Quilting magazine.

Happy Quilting,