Friday, May 25, 2012

Short Market report

Hello everyone.  I hope you all get a chance to relax a bit this long weekend, and get in a bit of quilting!

I'm posting a few pictures of quilts from quilt market which was in Kansas City, MO this time. These are quilts I did for Timeless Treasures. First is the Paris quilt. I will be writing a pattern for this next week and as far as I know the fabric will be available soon, too. It's probably not in stores quite yet.
This quilt is from a book and I apologize for not having the name handy. I didn't design it or even pick the colors. I am pleased with how it turned out and the quilting shows up well. The star sections are paper pieced and if you are interested in the book, please comment below and I'll get you the name. I'll post it next week, I want to give the author proper credit. It's a neat book
Quilting close up.
This fabric group is called Ruby. The pattern is written and at the Timeless office for corrections. It will be on their website soon and would also be available, most likely with kits, from quilt shops that bought this particular line of fabric.

Quilt market is a busy, fun and tiring experience. Lots of work before hand making quilts (I did 18 all told), hectic 1-1/2 days of set up and 3 days of selling, shopping and just over dosing on beautiful quilts. I went a little crazy buying thread but I use it all! I stopped at 5 shops on the way to Kansas City and back and I supported the economy a bit in each....

I have several more pictures but I'll save them for future posts. Gives me something to say!

Have a safe, relaxing and delightful Memorial weekend. Remember those who served.