Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello Quilters!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your support!

Well, I'm up to two blogs this year, not quite a record, but an improvement.

I had planned on this block going into the next issue of  the 100 Blocks magazine. At the Spring Quilt Market, which was here in Minneapolis, one of the editors asked if I had put in a block in this issue. I had told her that I thought the deadline had passed but she said that if I got one in the following week it might make the cut. Well, I grabbed a FQ bundle from Studio E fabrics on my way home that evening and made my block and returned it the next morning.
I would venture to guess, this has been their quickest turn around on getting a magazine project finished. OK, so it's a small project.....

A thought came to me after I'd dropped off the block. I think those corner triangles could be a bit bigger. If you add the background rectangle to the paper pieced square first you could add any size  square to the corner using the sew and flip method. I think I may make a quilt using the same bright colors, a black background and assorted black and white prints for the center and corners of each block.

I think this would make a fabulous block for a Christmas quilt in reds and greens. Just three blocks would make a nice table runner. Red, white, blue and a bit of yellow/gold? I'd love to see samples of YOUR ideas! You can email me at irishchain@comcast.net (I don't trust my web email address, it's gotten weird). If I can share them on FB, please let me know. My FB page is The Irish Chain.

I'm still working on building a new web site. I'm waiting on a new web site company that is working through a new way to build web sites. It eventually will give me better ability to change what is there on my own. Since I last blogged, several new patterns have been put up on my current web site, check them out at www.irishchain.com 

For the time being, new patterns and magazine articles will be introduced on my FB page.

May you points ALWAYS be pointy!
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!