Monday, November 15, 2010

The retreat

Good Morning!

I got home from the quilt retreat late afternoon yesterday and what a great time we had! Now to recover. Sleeping is always optional at a quilt retreat and I need to make up for staying up very late sewing. I think most of us gauge our bedtime by the frequency of mistakes.

I did get quite a bit accomplished. The quilt pictured is the one I mentioned last week that I needed to enlarge. I didn't need to take too much apart to redo it. And even though it's not as big as I had originally planned, it's large enough to get a good color sense. It's my Doo dads fabric and the pink and green Twinkle. I used one block from the Bling! pattern.

I also made a quilt top for my son's bed (time to replace that ratty one he's been using that now belongs to Daisy the dog) and a Minkee/chenille/flannel baby quilt top for the shop I work at I finished all of the blocks (another version of Bling!) done for a twin size quilt in '30's fabrics. I would have completed the top but the yellow fabric I had for setting the blocks was a rather poor quality and I decided not to use it. Hmm, must go shopping.

While at the retreat, which was in Amery, WI, there was quite a snow storm. We only got about 3" in Amery but there was about 8" in Inver Grove Hts, where I live. Heavy, wet stuff that I did not have to shovel, whew! We were hoping to get snowed in at the retreat center but no such luck. I had enough projects for a week of sewing.

I'm done retreating until next spring so I need to put everything away and try to organize a bit.
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. It sounds like you had a nice time and got a lot done.
    I love the colors against the black. I tend to use a lot of black as my borders, love how it works with prims and brights.


  2. I love your fabrics! The quilt is just beautiful. I agree with Debbie's comment too. I love the way the black sets off the colors. Sounds like you had a great time at your retreat and wow, you were productive. So...get some sleep, LOL.