Thursday, November 11, 2010


Wow! Thank you all that took time to visit my blog and share comments! As I commented yesterday, quilter's are the best. I truly appreciate your encouraging words.

I'm off to a quilt retreat this weekend so I need to pack my projects. I always take way too many but it's good to have variety, isn't it? Something may not be coming out as planned or maybe I've grown tired of a project, need to be able to switch to another project. I guess running to a quilt shop to get a new one would be fun but Heaven knows I have plenty already.

So how many projects do you all take to a retreat? 1, 2, 15? I think I'm taking at least six. A couple are UFOs, the rest have yet to be started. One that I WILL GET DONE this weekend is a quilt from my black and white Doo Dads line and the pink and green Twinkle (see it on my web site). I'm using the quilted Jewel template set. I stated this particular project the afternoon before heading to quilt market. It was going to be a throw size quilt but the later it got in the evening the smaller the sample became, It's about the size of a bathroom rug. I'll be separating the rows of blocks and adding until it's a decent size. Picture to come, maybe Monday.

Have a great weekend, get lots done and may your points be pointy!

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  1. Have fun at the retreat and i look forward to seeing photos.