Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt Mrket

Time to post a couple of pictures from quilt market. The 2 on the top are my quilts in my batting companies booth. Well, not really mine but they supply my batting and use my quilts whenever they do a market. Works great for both of us. The company is Air-Lite manufacturing and they are working on a website. If you'd like info on their products, please email me and I can get you contact info. The main batting I use is 85% cotton/15% poly. Works great, not too thick and has a nice hand.

The third picture is a quilt I did for Blank Quilting fabrics and it will be in the fall issue of Fabric Trends. When I get it back I'll be selling it. A security guard at the convention center liked it so well, he wants to buy it! Can't be that. Heaven knows I have enough quilts in my home already!

It was a great market. I met lots of people and had a couple of nice dinners with groups of people that I didn't really know and I made some good contacts. I also spent way too much $$$ but then, I always do that. I picked up FQ bundles, some Bali Pops from Hoffman and some notions to resell when I go to speak to guilds. So none of it was for me, really!

In the top right picture you can see some pine tree quilts. This will be my new pattern, simply called Tall Trees. It will be out in a couple of weeks, I'm working on an additional quilt this weekend-a 8 foot long version of the tree. I'm hoping to keep it under 24" wide. It will be perfect for the long wall in a split level entry into a home (my hubby is not going to like climbing up there to hang it, hehehe) or any long and narrow space. There will be a table runner, A Christmas tree and the really tall trees in this pattern and this pattern will use the Quilted Jewels Templates.

I better get at it!
Happy Quilting!

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