Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's finally done! The Tall Pines pattern is ready for sale, at long last. This tree pattern uses the Quilted Jewels Template set.

So far, I've just been using batiks for the trees but I have some fabulous Cherry Wood hand dyed fabrics for a couple more. I enjoy working with the batiks and hand dyeds since I don't need to worry about the right or wrong side as much. I have a tree with a night sky planned and that one will include some crystal for stars.

The really long tree is quilt is 7-1/2 feet tall and the shorter version is 4 feet. I have a place to hang the tall one, if I can just get the hubby to get the ladder out......OK, I need to quilt it first but then he'll be getting out the ladder and hanging it in our split entryway. I guess I should check the wall and make sure it will fit.

The small Christmas tree quilt has those little plastic lights sewn onto it and in the right lighting, they almost look lit. I know there are some out there that are battery powered, I'm going to look for them and when I find a source, I'll post it.

I also did a quilt that was 3 pines in a row with sashing and a border, which would make a great over the sofa quilt. It didn't make the cut for the front cover of the pattern. The four quilts shown are on the pattern cover and hopefully will give enough inspiration to anyone making the pattern.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi, Sandi! I own a quilt shop and I'm wondering if you sell wholesale? Your tree is stunning!

  2. Having trouble cutting out the pine tree. Wondering if I am not thinking it through right. I think the tall pine is beautiful. Want to finish it.

  3. I will refer myself to the template cutting direction instead of looking at the Tall pine tree directions. May have not read this before.

  4. If you got a reply about how to get a patter, please tell. I love the tree and would really like to create one. Sheila


  5. Is this pattern still available?????? LOVE IT!!!